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Ella Echo

Ella is your AI based sustainability advisor. She helps you navigate today's complexities toward a planet- and people-positive future. Ella got the data and the models.


Ella Echo

Ella Echo is your AI-based sustainability advisor. Ella can learn your company-specific data quickly and without the need for engineering expertise.


Do you want to know about the vehicle emissions of your fleet? Do you want to learn about your personal carbon footprint? Want to know if plastic packaging is better or worse than one-time glass packaging?


Ella is the catalyst for the sustainability transformation ahead of us.


About Silicon.Garden

At Silicon.Garden, we create net-positive digital products and businesses by harnessing global smartness. For the people, for the planet, and for profit.

Ella is our brain child. Get in touch if want to get involved as partner, investor or entrepreneur. 

Get in touch!

Do you want to work with us, have some ideas you want to share, or have a question? We are more than happy to have a conversation with you about how we can grow together.

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